Courier Footy Tipping


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The entire tipper's ladder is published each week in The Courier.
Available throughout the Hills and city or as an e-edition.

Trouble logging in

To take part in the tipping competition you need to Register and then Log-in using either your email address and password OR your Tipper ID and password.

Remember, you can not log in using the details you used in previous seasons.

If you experience trouble, email

Changing from clip-out coupons to the on-line form

If you began the competition using clip out coupons from The Courier and now wish to switch from the coupons to our on-line tipping system, please send an email containing the contact details you have been using on the coupons to

This will allow us to transfer your current score to the on-line system.

Failure to do so will result in the computer allocating default tips for all previous rounds.

Web browser settings and "cookies"

Since this site requires third-party "cookies" in order for you to log in and navigate this site, you may need to alter your web browser's cookie settings.

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